About Us

The Southeast’s fastest growing flooring distribution company.


Creating A Culture Of Helpful, Experienced, Solution Providers

All South Flooring is dedicated to providing the best, solutions-oriented flooring products to our customers, a passionate and enjoyable working environment for our staff, a profit proposition that fosters growth and sustainability, a responsible partnership with our suppliers, and a recognition of the impact to our environment from the products we sell and represent.


If you are an owner, end user, or developer, we know you want the best products for your project. We are flooring experts and understand subfloor preparation, moisture mitigation, performance flooring, and maintenance. Allow us to be your resource for all things FLOORING!


As the specifier, we understand how passionate you are about the product selections for your clients. We share that passion so allow us the opportunity to partner with you from start to finish!


As one of the last trades on any project, we know the pressure you are under to complete the job correctly and on time. We have the products and technical resources you need to be successful.


Always Available

Our Solution Specialists are available all the time to make sure you are fully satisfied with the product. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction.

Over 75+ Years Experience

We are confident that we have a product to best fit your specific application and the expertise to guide you through the process.

Design Expertise

We not only help with choosing the best product for the project but we also can help with the design aesthetic that goes beyond just functional.

Trust and Satisfaction

Customer contentment is most important to us. We provide pre and post project consultation to make sure our customers are satisfied.


Our mission is to provide top flooring solutions for our customers in conjunction with the highest level of customer service possible. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable in all facets of commercial flooring applications; from specification to installation to maintenance. In addition to that, ASF prides ourselves on offering ‘pre’ and ‘post’ project consultation to make sure our customers are satisfied with the life cycle of the flooring products we sell. We truly do provide the best flooring solutions in the Southeast.





300 Forsyth Hall Dr. Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28273