Lucy Beckham High School

Category: Education

Location: Charleston, SC

Footage: 65,000 sf

Date: Spring 2020

Type/Scope: New Construction

In August 2020, at the site of the former Wando High School, Charleston County School District opened the doors to a fully renovated facility now called Lucy Beckham High School. It stands as the second public high school in the town of Mount Pleasant, SC and is aptly named for the beloved principal of Wando High School, Lucy Beckham, who unexpectedly passed away in 2015. The school is slated to enroll 750 students in and 9th and 10th grades in its first year and will add a grade level with each academic year moving forward. The infrastructure of the schools is impressive with many natural finishes throughout the building and floor to ceiling windows allowing natural light and sunshine into the occupied spaces. The school’s principal, Anna Dassing, hopes that combining flexible furniture with designated shared spaces will allow students to have an opportunity to be in the halls and other places within the school more that a traditional high school. Given the parameters of design for Lucy Beckham High School and our track record of success with Charleston County School District, All South Flooring was approached to provide a resilient flooring solution for areas including corridors, classrooms, cafeteria, and various shared spaces. Our Texas Granite® solid vinyl tile was chosen as the basis of design for roughly 65,000 square feet of Lucy Beckham High School due to its high-end aesthetic, repairability, and life-cycle longevity.